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We will make the final five stages of the French Way (100 km) to Santiago de Compostela. View Map (Spanish site)

NOTE: Both the numbering and the length of the stages of the way may vary according to the source you have consulted. There are 30, 31 or 32 steps depending on the distribution of the sections). For the purposes of 2S4Db you just have to keep in mind that these are the last 100km of the French Way from Sarria, expected to be done in five days.

Stage 1 (27/28 of the French Way)

Sarria-Portomarín – approx. 22 km

This stage is seemingly easy but it has an initial false flat section. The road runs along country roads through small villages as Lavandeira or Ferreiros. At the gates of Portomarín a marked decline leads to the Minho River. The old town of Portomarín is now under water, covered by the Belesar reservoir since 1962.

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Stage 2 (28 of the French Way)

Portomarín-Palas de Rei – approx. 25 km

This stage is bad breaking work because of some altitude differences. The path follows a line of constant uphills and downhills but it can be easily overcome. First, you ascend to Castromaior and then to the Sierra de Ligonde to gradually descend through the villages of Eirexe and Ligonde to the village of Palas de Rei.

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Stage 3 (29 French Way)

Palas de Rei-Arzúa – approx. 28,8 – km

This is the longest stretch of the Route in Galicia, also full of constant slopes that slow down the rhythm. This day we cross country roads and beautiful medieval bridges to Melide, where the agricultural landscape leads to Arzúa after crossing the Iso River.

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Stage 4 (30 of the French Way)

Arzúa-O Pedrouzo approx. 19 – km

The last part of this slightly sloping stretch runs along the N-547 road. The route goes through population centers and landscapes of eucalyptus. The most prominent settlement is the chapel of Santa Irene.

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Stage 5 (31 of the French Way)

O Pedrouzo-Santiago approx. 20 – km.

Final stage with minimum slope. You have to go up from Pedrouzo through Amenal, go down to Lavacolla, and then ascend again to the Monte do Gozo. From here you can see the towers of the cathedral for the first time, which can be reached through the streets of the old town of Compostela.

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Tourist information

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