Participation in the expedition “To Santiago for Deafblindness” 2021 is subject to the following conditions:

  • FESOCE functions are:
    1. To mediate between the participants and the different establishments and / or companies involved in the organization of this activity (accommodation, collaborators, suppliers, etc.).
    2. Manage the reservations according to the dates detailed in this document. For reservations, inquiries and cancellations made less than a month in advance, FESOCE reserves the right to assign responsibility to the participant, who then would be in charge of making the reservation on their own, without prejudice to sharing the experience with the participant group.
    3. Provide at least one person responsible for coordinating the activity. This person will accompany the group and ensure that its needs are met during the route.
    4. Provide, if the participant cannot do so, an intervener in a 1 to 1 ratio of attention throughout the duration of the activity.
    5. Take out accident and civil liability insurance. To consult the conditions of the insurance contracted, click here. If any participant wants more coverage, they will have to take out insurance on their own.


  • ACCOMMODATION & MEALS: the accommodation of all participants in the same hostel depends on the availability of rooms and will be reserved in order of payment and submitting the correct documentation. The meals included in the price of the activity are: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Participants must indicate the need for a special diet (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) at the time of booking.


  • PRE-REGISTRATION & PLACES: 5 places are offered for the challenge “To Santiago for Deafblindness 2021”. The pre-registration period will be open from 15/03/2021 to 15/04/2021, both included. If you are interested you must fill in and send the Registration Form by email to challenge@gmail.com


FESOCE will assess all the pre-registrations received, giving priority to those people who are members of a FESOCE member organization and have not participated in previous editions.


On the 15/04/2021, FESOCE will notify the people who have been selected to participate. At this time, the selected participants must proceed to make their reservation.


  • RESERVATION: the deadline for the reservation will be from 15/04/2021 to 30/04/2021. The reservation will be valid when the participant sends the receipt of the 50% registration payment (€ 195) by email to challenge@gmail.com

Requests received once the places have been filled will be placed on a waiting list in strict order of arrival, and as such will be notified to the interested person.


  • PRICE AND PAYMENT METHOD: registration price for the 2H4dB 2021 edition is 390€.

This price does NOT include:

  • Breakfast and lunch on the arrival day
  • Lunch on departure day
  • Transportation from-to the place of origin, which must be paid for separately

To reserve a place, you must pay 50% of the registration fee (€ 195). The remaining 50% must be paid before 30/05/2021 making the total cost per reservation € 390.

Payment must be made by bank transfer to the following account number: ES37 0182 8262 3102 0003 7435. When submitting your payment, you must indicate the full name of the participant.

If the payment is not made within the specified dates, FESOCE will understand that the individual will not participate on the trip without the right to a refund of the deposit made.


  • TRANSPORTATION: the starting point of the activity is Vigo and the end point is Santiago de Compostela. The participant can decide to travel with the base group Barcelona-Vigo (one way) and Santiago de Compostela-Barcelona (return) or to get to Vigo and return from Santiago de Compostela on their own. In the first case, the FESOCE will be in charge of managing the roundtrip flights.


  • Transfers with the group from Barcelona. With the deadline of 15/05/2021, the pricing of the tickets will be calculated, pending confirmation from the airlines. After that date, theFESOCE does not take charge of the availability or prices of the flights. In the same way, if payment is not received within the specified dates, FESOCE will understand that the participant travels on their own or does not want to participate on the trip without the right to a refund of the deposit made.


  • Independent transfers to Vigo. The participant must inform FESOCE of their means of transport and arrival time at the starting point, and must also be accompanied by their deafblind mediator. In this case, the participant himself will be responsible for organizing his trip to Vigo.


  • RESERVATION MODIFICATION: any type of modification by FESOCE for organizational reasons will be informed to the participant, who may accept or withdraw from it. In the case of withdrawal by the client, FESOCE will not carry out any penalty. In the event that the modification was made at the request of the participant, FESOCE reserves the right to penalize them with the amount of € 30 per participant per modification.


  • CANCELLATIONS BY THE PARTICIPANT: at any time, the participant may withdraw from the services, having the right to a refund of the amounts that the contracted services return according to their return conditions. In this case, the hostels and the contracted airline (see conditions of each service).

In no case will FESOCE penalize the participant by keeping part of the amount paid, except in the case that the participant does not show up at the beginning of the trip, a fact that will entail the obligation of paying 100% of the trip by the participant.


  • CANCELLATIONS BY FESOCE: In the event that FESOCE is forced to cancel the activity for reasons not attributable to the participant, it will compensate the participant for the total amount paid for the activity. There will be no obligation on the part of FESOCE to compensate the client when the cancellation of the activity is due to reasons of unforeseeable circumstances or sufficient cause. The latter is understood to be those circumstances beyond the control of those who invoke them, abnormal, whose consequences could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence.


  • DOCUMENTATION: all the people registered for the trip are responsible for having the necessary documentation in order to attend the excursion (ID, Passport, visa, health measures, etc.) regarding the inquiries, FESOCE acts as an informant, but it is the responsibility of the participant to confirm any necessary requirements. In the event that, due to lack or incorrectness of the necessary documentation, the participant is forced to cancel or abandon the trip, FESOCE will apply the conditions indicated in the paragraph of cancellations by the participant.


  • HEALTH SURVEILLANCE AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY OF THE ORGANIZER: each participant is responsible for their body and state of health; therefore, they must be aware that this activity involves a physical effort for which they must have trained months in advance. If during the course of the activity the participant feels physical discomfort, he must immediately notify the mediator so that they can assess the situation.

The mediator will determine if these discomforts may be a reason to end the activity (partially or totally) and / or request a medical-assistance assessment. In this case, the participant must adhere to the indications and possible route and / or effort restrictions established by the mediator. In the event that the participant, even being aware of these indications, decides to ignore and their actions lead to a possible injury, the FESOCE will not be responsible for the medical or economic consequences, or for the extraordinary care that such omission may cause.


  • ASSIGNMENT OF IMAGE RIGHTS: At the time of formalizing the registration and always before the start of the activity, the participant will be presented with the document “Authorization for the use of images” for their evaluation and express consent.


  • TRAINING: Once all the reservations have been validated, the FESOCE will contact the registered people in order to plan a series of trainings and carry out a follow-up to ensure that the participants arrive at the beginning of the activity with adequate physical preparation to perform the stages from the Camino de Santiago.


  • COVID-19 PREVENTIVE MEASURES: Measures applied on the date determined by the competent authorities will be applied. In addition, to prevent the Covid-19 situation as much as possible throughout the activity, we will work with bubble groups. The bubble groups will be made up of 3 people (person with deafblindness + referent mediator + support mediator).


You can download the  Terms of Participation document here.