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2nd-8th July 2018. Do you face the challenge?


The main goal of To Santiago for Deafblindness, The Challenge, is to offer people with deafblindness in Europe the possibility to take the route of the Camino de Santiago. It is an initiative of the European Network of deafblindness (EDbN) and the Activities outdoor section of Deafblind International (DbI), with the support of the Spanish Federation of Deafblindness (FESOCE).

The Challenge will take place in July 2018. Each deafblind participant must have the support of their usual intervener/guide/assistant. The organization provides a coordination team and trip planning: tickets, accommodation, etc.

The Camino de Santiago is the route used by pilgrims to reach Santiago de Compostela, where the relics of St. James the Greater lie. The proposed route is a stretch of the French Way, the most important focus of pilgrimages and World Heritage Site since 1993. It is a route of outstanding natural and remarkable historical and cultural beauty.

Those pilgrims who finish the route successfully will have the Compostela, which is the certificate issued by the ecclesiastical authorities once they have verified that you have gone over at least the last 100 kilometers on foot, or 200 km if you go biking. This can be achieved if you start the route in Sarria.


The tour will take place between the 2nd and the 8th of July (both included).

02/07/2018: arrival in Sarria, we settle down in the accommodation provided.

03/07/2018: start of the Sarria-Santiago route.

07/07/2018: arrival in Santiago and collection of the Compostela. Visit to the Santiago Cathedral.

08/07/2018: return home.


Deafblind people, their relatives, professionals and entities related to this condition.


The closest airport to Sarria is the one of Santiago de Compostela. There is a bus from the airport to Lugo, with 5-7 daily departures and the journey takes 2 hours. In Lugo, there is another bus which goes to Sarria (this journey takes 35 minutes) with departures every hour. It’s also possible to take a taxi.

For those participants who cannot find any means of transport between their home town and Santiago/Sarria, check the airline’s connections from Barcelona, Madrid or Bilbao.


For more detailed information on the stages of the route, registration, conditions, etc., please send us an email 


Sunrise, Camino de Santiago, landscape

Credit: Jess Bowen